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You don't want to publish only words -- you want to illustrate what you're writing about with images. They may be photographs, cartoons, logos -- anything you want to display, usually as .jpg or .gif files, but there are other formats, including .png.

Here is a guide to working with images on YourArlington. Print them out, if you like.

Apart from sending images to the site via Send News, you can also format and upload images that you control. To be able to post those images to YourArlington, you must be authorized to do so. To get authorization, the publisher must give it to you. If you want that authorization, email sprague.bob @ gmail.com.

If you get authorization, you'll get the Web address from which you may work with images. You'll need that. It the publisher forgets to tell you what it is, email him.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

-- Save the digital image to your desktop (or wherever you want).

-- Resize large images to 400 pixels wide, maximum. Logos and head shots are usually no wider than 100 pixels.

-- Log in with your username and password, at the log-in to the right of the site flag, or here >>

-- Using the web address the publisher provided (if he didn't, ask), go YourArlington's administrative page and click on Media Manager.

-- Go to the folder, at left, and look for a directory called /stories. The majority of YourArlington news images are saved there under a series of subdirectories. Look for the logical place to save your image and then remember where you put it (the publisher may ask). If you do not see a directory or subdirectory that makes sense for your image, you may create one, but it's wise to ask the publisher about this first.

-- Go to the green Upload button at the top of the directory and click it.

-- This reveals a Choose Files option. Click that and find your image. Hit open and then Start Upload. That brings your image into the directory.

-- In most cases, you will be then uploading an image to an existing story. If you have not created a story yet, see the instructions in this FAQ about doing that.

-- To place your image in an existing page, open up that file. Place your cursor where you want the image to be and hit the Image button, just below the story-editing window.

-- That launches a nifty window that shows where all of the images are on the site. Find the photo you uploaded in /stories/ (in the directory you chose).

-- Click on the file name below the image, and that name will appear in image URL, below. Click on align (usually left). Put in a brief image description. If the image needs a caption, write one in the space provided. Go to the top of the window and hit insert.

-- That places the image in your story.

-- To finish the job, you need to click your image with your cursor and then hit the little green box in the last row of editing options above where you're editing. That allows you to place spacing around the image as well as borders (even colorful ones).

-- To move the story type away from the image, choose 10 on the side of the image that touches type. Larger numbers give you more white space.

-- Once you're satisified, hit Update at the bottom of this editing window.

Take a look at the published image and make sure that it looks the way you want. If it doesn't, return to the screens described above and adjust.

Easy, huh? 

Adding a caption involves further instructions.

Let the publisher know your image is uploaded via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This FAQ dates to 2008.