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What's New in 2023

At this time of year, a lot of people ask LexFarm what we do during the winter months, since we are not farming and the farm store is closed. 

We do enjoy some rest and relaxation from the hard work of farming and related activities during the rest of the year. Staff work more limited hours and often remotely in the comfort of their own homes. Board members tackle projects of interest from the prior year.

However, the business of a nonprofit farm does not pause for the winter season. Reflecting on the prior year, assessing our infrastructure, equipment and tools, thinking about what we can do better and/or differently, hiring new and seasonal staff, and planning for the new year keep all of us, staff and board, pretty busy.

As we consider 2023, we are excited to share with you some new things --.

More CSA Program Offerings

In addtion to our Summer, Fall, Flower CSAs, in 2023, our CSA program will grow to include a Fruit Share and a Preservers' Share, and will include three seasons of mushrooms.

We are partnering with Autumn Hill Orchards (Groton, MA) and Warner Farm (Sutherland, MA) to provide a 15-week Fruit Share to LexFarm members. Our Preservers Share is a fully Pick-Your-Own offering rooted in the goal of reducing food waste in our fields and geared towards the avid canner/preservers. And, we will partner with Fat Moon Farm (Westford, MA) to offeri a Mushroom Share in each of three seasons as part of our CSA program. 

Opportunity to Support Subsidized Summer Vegetable Shares

Offering fresh, healthy food to those with little means in our community is important to us.

We offer several subsidized shares to people who are SNAP recipients and cannot afford to cover the full costs of a share. Each of the participants use their SNAP benefits to pay for some of the cost of their share, but the farm covers the balance of the cost. Your contribution to the Fund for Community-Sponsored Shares will help to cover the remaining cost. The full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible.   

Expanded Farm Store Hours
Beginning in May 2023 and continuing through December 2023, the farm store will be open 4 days a week, Wednesday through Saturday. This is a big change for LexFarm!

We have heard that many of you want the store to be open more regularly and for more months of the year. Open from May though December, 4 days a week, will give you many more hours of opportunity to shop at the farm store.

The best thing that you can do to help us make this a permanent change is to come shop with us! To tell us what you like about the farm store and what you would like to see more of contact farmstand@lexfarm.org. 

This news announcement was updated Jan. 11, 2023, based oin information from a January LexFarm newsletter..