News reports that December afternoon called him a "good Samaritan." A couple of TV outlets reported his name. But Tony Jammal, the owner of a Heights service station who did his part to help a Salvation Army bell ringer pinned under a car at the entrance to Walgreen's might have faded into anonymity.

Instead, Andrew Bausman, a longtime customer at Antoine's Auto Repair, decided to recognize Jammal.

On Wednesday, Jan. 7, as icy Arctic air sent a shiver down the spine of New England, the owner heard appreciation expressed from members of the Arlington Police Department as well as the Salvation Army. Here's why:

On Dec. 16, Jammal said he was told an accident had occurred at nearby Walgreen's -- an elderly driver had driven his car into the store's entryway, and over a bell ringer. A jack was needed immediately.

So Jammal rolled the heavy piece of equipment across Mass. Ave. and raised the car carefully so the victim could be freed.

Later, he said he was told the victim, a 50-year-old Boston man, was in rehab 10 to 12 days after suffering a bad leg sprain and no broken bones.

Lt. Michael Harper and his wife, Capt. Armiba Harper, of the Salvation Army, were there to present Jammal with a plaque as a "token of their appreciation" and noting his "heroic intervention" and "selfless service."

Officers present to express their gratitude to the owner of Antoine's for 32 years were Sgt. Richard Pedrini, Capt. James Curran and Patrolman Gary Siempos.

Included in the group posing for photos was Bausman, who stood with the group in front of one the vehicles Jammal maintains -- the one with large green images with the words "Big Green Egg."

Bausman is the New England sales rep for Tarantin Industries, which makes the large grilling kettles. The company is donating one of the 185-pound green ovals to Jammal. It would cost $1,300 to buy.

Bausman expressed his own appreciation, hoping Jammal might grill some lamb next summer.

Dec. 16, 2014: Bell ringer hurt when car hits Walgreens, police confirm

This story was published Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015.