Edward Leydon, 56, was last seen the morning of March 20. / Courtesy photo

UPDATED May 5: Arlington police continue to seek the public’s help in locating a town resident missing since March 20.

Edward Leydon, 56, at left, was last seen by family on that morning at his Mass. Ave. resident, Chief Julie Flaherty reported March 28.

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On April 9, Channel 25 provided an update with more details

Leydon walked out of the apartment he shares with his sister Charlene -- and hasn’t been seen since.

“It was March 20th, the last time I saw him,” said Charlene Leydon told Channel 25. “He was asleep. When I came home that night he wasn’t home.”

Last debit charge March 21

Charlene figured Ed, who is known in the family as Ted, might have gone out to a bar to catch a game -- something he’d done the week before.

“I got up the next morning, he still wasn’t here,” she said. That night, Charlene filed a missing-person report with the Arlington Police Department. Detectives found that the last sign of the man was a debit charge at a Cambridge Starbucks on March 21.

“I mean, three weeks and you haven’t even taken money out of your bank account,” Charlene told the TV station. “Not a penny. That’s why I fear the worst.”

Leydon’s missing poster indicates he is 56-years-old, 5-feet-9 and weighs 190 pounds. But there are other things to know about Ed -- most especially his long history of vision trouble.

Sister reports eye issues

“One eye he can’t see anything out of anymore,” Charlene said. “And his other eye, the eyesight is terrible now.”

Ed Leydon’s eye issues began at birth -- and have progressed to the point he is legally blind, Channel 25 said.

Part of her brother’s routine involved frequent changes of a contact lense -- but as far as Charlene knows, he didn’t have enough contact lenses with him to do that. In addition, Charlene noticed Ed left behind the prescription medication he uses for depression and anxiety -- mental-health issues that developed as a result of his diminishing vision.

“The worst part of my day is at night coming home from work, because I look up and no lights are on up here.” Charlene told the statio. “You know ... Ted’s not there. It’s lonely. It’s quiet. I don’t want it to be like this. I like coming in the door and telling him about my awful day.”

What’s awful for Charlene and other family members is the waiting -- for something, anything about their brother.

“I thought he’d show up somewhere,” she said. " The fact that nothing has come up in all these weeks is just terrible.”

Anyone who has seen Leydon, or has information about his whereabouts, is asked to call Arlington Police at 781-643-1212.

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This news summary was published Tuesday, March 28, 2023, based on information from a news release by Leah Comins of John Guilfoil Public Relations. It was updated April 10 with a report from Channel 25.